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Mystic Falls is BEST in the Spring

Beautiful short hike to a waterfall, accessible year round! Freezes in the winter... it's so much more to see in the spring with snow melt and runoff!

Okay, so here are the fast facts:

Distance: 1.5 miles at max round trip (my guestimate)

Elevation gain: 100 ft elevation gain (also my guestimate)

Rating: Easy/Moderate

Parking: Off Indian Canyon Dr (See map below)

Toilets: None

Dogs: Leashed

Fees: None!

Features: A beautiful waterfall and cave!

What makes this exciting: This is still a spot in Spokane that not everyone knows about. The waterfall is beautiful, and it freezes over in the winter time which is absolutely incredible to see!

Driving Directions: From Government Way, turn to head west on Greenwood Rd. In 0.3 miles, the road will Y, take a slight left onto S Indian Canyon Dr. In just over a half mile, you will see an old dirt road on the right side of the street with a closed gate. Park here.

The green mark is the falls. The red mark is where the trail begins!

How not to go the wrong way: Once at the closed gate, there are multiple trails heading off to the right. The old dirt road is considered Trail 102. Trail 121 intersects this (trails heading to the right.. you will see a small tree marker indicating Trail 121). Take trail 121 down into the canyon. Once you hit the stream, you will follow it back upstream to the waterfall. There are several areas where you have to cross the stream or hop over rocks and logs.

One of the several creek crossings!

Monica’s Real Talk: There are other trails in this area as well as places to park, but this is the fastest, most direct route that I found to the waterfall. You can also explore around-- there is a view from the top overlooking the falls from a ways back from the edge! This area in the spring is seriously my favorite. Wildflowers are blooming, the falls are flowing at their greatest, and it's a short easy hike.. which is exactly what I need to get me started towards hiking shape for the summer!!!

Making our way back out of the canyon to the truck!

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