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Manito's Christmas Magic

You may think Manito Park on Spokane's South Hill is only worth checking out in the summer--think again! The Conservatory is filled with thousands of Christmas lights in December!

Manito is definitely a 'Top 5 Thing to See in Spokane' for anyone who visits… let alone lives here! BUT did you know that the Gaiser Conservatory next to the Duncan Garden fills up with Christmas lights in December!? 30,000 Christmas Lights?! Oh yes, Merry Christmas to us!

Get yourself, mom, grandma, your kids, everyone up to see this because it is SO COOL! Starting this Friday, December 7th to December 16th from noon to 7:30 every day! Then from December 17th to the 31st from noon to 3:30 every day (closed on Christmas)! (They’ve totally extended it this year, which is so great for us!!) It is free with an open invite to everyone!

This has become a VERY popular event in Spokane, it is particularly crazy on the weekends! Save yourself from a long wait in line and go during daylight hours or a weeknight.

Happy Holidays and enjoy one of the most beautiful light displays in town!

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