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July is for Sunflowers

A short drive North of Spokane into Deer Park leads you to sunflower fields of dreams.

I grew up on the north side of Spokane until my second year of college when I transferred from Gonzaga University to Eastern Washington University to study Biology. I have lived on Five Mile Prairie, the South Hill, Airway Heights, and Spokane Valley, been to school in Cheney, and worked in Downtown. What I'm saying is... I've been around!! But somehow, someway-- there is so much in Spokane that I NEVER knew about!! Until just recently of course. And the sunflower fields are one of those things!!

I was up north with a girlfriend in the Deer Park area to float on Horseshoe Lake (another blog coming soon!) when she asked if I wanted to detour to see the sunflower fields? Um, what? The what? YES OF COURSE I DO!

Deer Park does not get the recognition it deserves (I'm sure the locals might appreciate that-- keep the traffic down on those dirt roads!), but the sunflowers are sure to draw some attention every year. This particular field in July was located on Monroe Rd through Deer Park off Highway 395.

Sunflowers of Dreams

Although you will be tempted to walk through these beautiful fields, remember these are farmers' livelihoods! Make sure to get permission before setting foot on any property, and please do not pick these beautiful flowers! One field I saw in 2017 was replaced for another crop this summer because of people picking and stepping through and killing their crops.

Have fun and remember to stop and smell the flowers!

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