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Horseshoe Lake's Hidden Waterfall

Only accessible by watercraft-- preferably kayak or SUP, the gorgeous waterfall flows heaviest in Spring and early Summer.

Directions: If you googlemap it, make sure it takes you to "horseshoe lake boat ramp" in DEER PARK, NOT out past Cheney. This was a grave mistake indeed on my part a couple year ago.. hahah. You'll drive north on Highway 2 out of Spokane, past Deer Park. You will begin to see signage for Eloika Lake. Turn Left on E Eloika Lake Rd. In 3.3 miles, turn right onto N Division Rd. In 2.3 miles, it will turn into Horseshoe Lake Rd. in 5.1 miles, you will turn into the parking lot/boat ramp for Horseshoe Lake.

Fees: Discover Pass Required.

This isn't a lake I would happily/readily swim in, but it is a small secluded area, great for fishing, and the waterfall is a must see adventure. It is about an hour from Spokane, so it makes for a great day trip.

How not to go the wrong way: One you launch at the boat ramp, head to your 10 o'clock (the furthest corner of the lake you can see). You will round a point to the right, and the waterfall will immediately come into view.

Monica's Real Talk: This area is becoming more and more popular. Go during the week if you can, or try to go early on the weekends or later in the evenings. There is only a porta potty at the parking area (so if you are like me, this is good information so I can plan the best I can to not have to use it haha)

In the spring/early summer, you can kayak up all the way to the base of the falls. But later in the season, a sandbar becomes exposed were you can beach your kayak or paddle board and walk up to the falls.

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