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Fallelujah! at Green Bluff!

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Gleen Bluff is the magical Autumn wonderland of pumpkin donuts, breweries in barns, hayrides, and, of course, pumpkins!

You can't have fall in Spokane and not visit Green Bluff, amiright?! With you-pick fields, you get the real authentic experience of finding a pumpkin! And if you are anything like me, you will OBVIOUSLY pick out a bigger pumpkin than your boyfriend--and it makes it all so much better when the gal cashier comments on it! haha

If you have some kiddos, you will definitely want to stop at the Harvest House (if you don't have kiddos, you definitely want to stop there as well hah). The Harvest House is the epicenter for the total Green Bluff fall experience. If you have more patience than I do, you can wait in the football-field-long line for the pumpkin donuts (I hear they are SO worth it). You can also go through their little gift shop of all sorts of things including fruit pies made from Gleen Bluff grown fruits. Outside, a band plays and several booths are set up with local vendors selling anything from huckleberry ice cream to metal art. Across the way, you can test your sense of direction and patience through the corn maze, and let the kiddos ride on ponies, get their face painted, and play games.

For a more adult experience, head over to the Big Barn Brewing Company and get a flight of their beer. We tested out a few from their selection-- neither of us like dark beer (although we still tried one! and it was surprisingly good!) or IPAs so it wasn't too difficult to narrow down the choices! We liked one of the Pale Ales the best-- go figure!

There are many farms to visit up in the Green Bluff area as well as a cider tasting room. Spend a day checking out the area, getting some sticks of honey (I ALWAYS get at least 10!), and find your pumpkin for the season. It's a staple of the Spokane fall season experience, and, better yet, you are supporting local farmers!

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