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   WHO AM I   

Hey you!  I am Monica Kirchner, born and raised in Spokane, Washington!  Just like most Spokanites, I didn't do much exploring for the majority of the time I lived here.  It wasn't until I moved away to North Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana for a few years and then came back that I started treating Spokane as a place to explore and find everything fun to do! And there is so much!


I live in Spokane Valley and have two jobs here in Spokane-- an accountant by day, a server by night!  The balancing act keeps me just that-- balanced!  In the summer, I spend every free moment I can outside, kayaking, adventuring, hiking, and photographing good ol Mother Nature. In the winter, I tend to be more indoorsy, although I do intend to get some more miles on the snowshoes this year!

I love finding new places, meeting new people, and sharing my photos!  Thanks for checking out my blog! Now get outside!  And find adventure in everything!

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